Non Woven Applications

Nonwoven's PP spun bond nonwoven fabric, and compounded material are widely applied in different industrial applications, including furniture application, packaging application, household application, automobile accessories, agricultural applications and disposable products for airlines. There are vast numbers of Nonwoven Applications are present.

Non Woven Agriculture Applications

The Agriculture Non Woven Fabric offered by us are developed using polypropylene, which is considered to be the most economical and Eco-friendly polymer by spinning the material into filaments and bonding them by heat without use of any binders. The Agriculture Non Woven Fabric is used in modern textile, which is neither a film nor a conventional textile.

The Agriculture Non Woven Fabric provides protection against the sun's rays by enhancing early growth and development of plant with end result of both improvement in quality and yield. These protect the plant from cold and frost trapping 5 degree Celsius moisture that enables natural frost protection of plant. It minimizes the dangers caused by hail, heavy rains and storms.

Non woven Fabric Bags

There are different kinds of non-woven bags which are available in varied base papers and designs. With innovative design, beautiful colors and eye catchy patterns these bags find maximum utility in storing, carrying and gift packing requirements of our clients. We also customize these bags and offer them at reasonable price.

Non Woven Bags are made from Non Woven Fabric like Non Woven Carry Bags, Non Woven Shopping Bags, Non Woven Rice Bags, Shoe Bag, Root Control Non Woven Bag and many more types of bags.

Non woven Geo Textile Application

Non Woven Geotextiles are a favorite for any site that requires increased support under roads, rip rap, work areas and erosion prone locations. Due to their synthetic exterior, geotextile fabrics are often used in locations that require long-term control or stabilization.

Non Woven Geotextiles are synthetic and biodegradable products designed to support and stabilize soil in your location. Made from a range of fabrics and materials, these geotextiles are able to successfully support roads, separate aggregates, and increase vegetative growth in your location. .

Non Woven Hygiene Products

Non Woven Hygiene products are safe for every skin type. It does require broadly for being clean and hygienic. Sanitary Napkins are made using proper woven fabrics and high quality non woven material packaging. Waxing strips are widely used by Health and Beauty Care industry.

Non Woven products like Non Woven Sanitary Napkins, waxing strips, wet wipes and other hygiene products are available. Waxing strips are widely used by Health and Beauty Care industry.